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Puppy Profile: Siberian Husky

Posted by BEST HUSKIES SUPPLIERS on March 3, 2019 at 11:55 PM

Despite being a medium sized dog the Siberian Husky is quick and light on its feet and moves in a graceful manner. Huskies are alert, inquisitive and adaptable, traits which enable their amazing escape artist ability.




Height: 50cms – 58.5cms at the shoulder

Weight: 15kgs – 27kgs

Lifespan: 12 - 15 years

Country of Origin: North-Eastern Asia

Breed Type: Working Dogs

Nickname: Husky



Exercise Needs

Exercise Needs


four out of five paws, 

Health and Grooming

Health and Grooming

All Around Friendliness

All Around Friendliness




The Siberian Husky was originally bred as an endurance sled dog by the Chukchi people of North-eastern Asia. In 1909 large amounts of this breed were brought to Alaska for long distance races.


Family: Suitable companion for people of all ages, provided you can offer them the time, training and companionship they need. They can make great family dogs as they are pack orientated.

Personality: Beautiful and charming, yet can be unruly and quirky so do you research to ensure you will be able to care for this breeds needs. This dog will make your life an adventure, not always a good one as their high-energy can be destructive especially when bored.


Temperament: Delightful and loving temperament, affectionate, but not fawning. Will usually greet everyone warmly with no fear or suspicion of strangers, as such they don’t make great watch dogs.

Trainability: Intelligent breed but strong-minded nature which can make training a challenge. This pack dog needs an owner who is a clear leader of the pack.

Sociability (other pets): Friendly towards other dogs of similar size. Not as comfortable with small animals such as cats, rabbits and birds – they have an instinct to chase them.

Barking: Low tendency. They do love to howl and ‘talk’.


Grooming Needs: By nature a meticulously clean breed, which makes them easy to care for. Brushing is recommend at least once a week, daily during shedding season. Should never be clipped, even through the summer months.

Coat Type: Medium length double coat

Moulting: Minimal shed of their coat all year round with heavy shed once a year. More shedding in warmer climates.


Exercise Needs: Regular walking on the leash or running in large secure off leash enclosures. Breed not recommended for apartment living. Sufficient exercise required for proper development, wellbeing and stimulation

Diet: Bred to need very little food to survive, do not require high level of calories daily. Chewing and digging it not uncommon.

Average Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Special Considerations: A bored, unexercised or lonely husky who is not correctly physically and mentally stimulated can become destructive, noisy or attempt to escape for ‘fun’ or to find company. Enrichment toys and activities, plus regular exercise are recommended, as well as a dog sitter and walker if you’re away for longer periods of time. Read more on "How long can you leave your dog alone?"


Husky still enjoy using the skills it was originally bred for, in harness, most capably carrying a light load at a moderate speed over great distances.

They are also escape artists and have been known to jump fences, break tie-out chains, slip collars and find any way to escape, pet sitting or doggy day care is recommended if Huskies are left alone for long periods of time.



Huskies are not great watchdogs as they don’t bark and are unsuspicious of strangers.

Huskies don’t get fatigued as they can regulate their metabolism.

During WWII the army employed the pups as search and rescue dogs. They are also used for transportation, freighting and communication

These heroic pups saved an entire town. In the midst of a diphtheria outbreak in 1925, teams of Huskies raced through a treacherous snowstorm to deliver medicinal serum to Nome, Alaska before the disease could spread further and devastate the town.

A huskies howl can be heard up to 16 kilometres away and they are particularly talkative.

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