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Five Things In Your House That Might Be Causing Allergies (Even in Your Pets)

Posted by BEST HUSKIES SUPPLIERS on June 4, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Many people suffer from allergies when spring rolls around and the landscape seems to be practically dripping with pollen, but even if you spend most of your time indoors, you might be affected by some common household items you haven’t thought about. In fact, your pets might be affected by some of these as well. Some of these items can cause cold-like symptoms year-round and can affect the lungs and sinuses. Unfortunately, constant exposure to these things can cause long-term damage to your health--and your pet’s health--so it’s important to suss them out as soon as you or your pet start exhibiting allergy symptoms.


Here are the five most common household items that could be making you sick.


Your ceiling fan

You might think you’re safe from pollen and ragweed if you don’t spend any time outdoors, but in the spring and summer, just having your windows open can bring them in, and if you have a ceiling fan running, it can pick up tiny spores and circulate them through your home. Clean the blades well several times a week if you have the fan on every day, and do the same to your air conditioner vents.


Your carpet

Carpeting can hold in all kinds of yucky stuff, and anytime you, your children, or your pets walk outside they bring in allergens on their shoes. Consider investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which will keep all that dust and debris from being recirculated into the air, and have everyone remove their shoes when they come in.



If your home is especially damp, you may have mold lurking, and mold can lead to serious health problems. Basements with concrete floors, bathrooms, and any area where a leak has occurred should especially be checked for mold. Wash all bath mats, towels, and fabric shower curtains regularly. If you do find mold and it’s manageable, clean the area with a bleach/water mixture.



For many people, their pets are like members of the family. However, animal dander can wreak havoc on allergies. If you have a pet and think you might be allergic, don’t let him in your bed or on the furniture. Vacuum frequently and, if possible, invest in furniture that is easy to clean, such as leather.

Believe it or not, some pets can be allergic to others. A dog, for example can be allergic to cats. It’s not incredibly common, but it has been known to happen.



While most food allergies appear during childhood, more and more people are finding they have an allergy to gluten. Wheat products, strawberries, nuts, eggs, milk, and shellfish are some of the most common allergens, so be careful about what you snack on.


As far as your pets are concerned, stick with pet food, and avoid human food. If your pet seems to always be suffering from allergies or sickness, but you can’t determine the cause, check with your vet. It’s not out of the question that their diet is involved.

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