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Common Behavioral Problems of the Siberian Husky Are Digging and Running Away

Posted by BEST HUSKIES SUPPLIERS on June 4, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Digging is more common when huskies are left outside for long periods of time. Digging a hole and laying in it is cooler than simply laying on top of warm soil in warmer climates. Many people attribute this behavior to their past when they dug holes to sleep in the snow. In that case, they were kept warmer by trapping their body heat in the surrounding snow.


A solution for their digging is to provide huskies with an area where they can dig. Most people use sand for the allowed area; however, sand will not keep them as cool as a few layers down in the soil. Thus, they will still dig in other areas, but at least it will cut down on their digging the whole yard up.


Huskies also use digging to escape their yards. Their curiosity is such that they want to experience the world on the other side of the fence. I have had many huskies that have dug themselves to the other side of the fence only to wait for me at the front door.


Running away is another problem huskies have. This may be also due to their past history. Back in Siberia, huskies were allowed to roam in the summers; they would find food and water on their own; they would breed and create a family, and eventually, they would come back to their masters in the winter. During the winter, they would work for food. Eventually, they would be set free again in the summer to fetch for themselves.


Huskies can easily get away by climbing a fence that is less than 6 feet tall. I had a rescue, however, that was sitting in a different pen every time I came home. For a couple of days, I thought someone was playing tricks on me by moving him around from pen to pen. On the third day, I actually saw Jackie at the top of a 6 ft. fence. I yelled his name, and he slowly came down using his front paws as hands, just as a monkey would do. Amazing!


There are some solutions you can try to curtail your husky from running. Since they can escape fences, leashes, and open doors, it is very important to keep the dog confined. Yard gates should be kept closed at all times, and house doors should be closed tightly when leaving or entering the home.


In addition, make sure that collars are tight. Siberian huskies are very smart, and many know how to back up out of their collars. Their leashes should also be held tightly since they also like to pull especially when something catches their eye such as a small animal, insect, a cat, etc.


All in all, these amazing creatures continue to enlighten us daily with their comical ways.

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